SFI: (Student Feedback Instrument). The means by which students provide feedback on instruction at Red Deer College. Student feedback shall be obtained from students in each course using the instrument approved by the Board/ Faculty Performance Committee. Non instructional faculty members shall receive feedback from students in small groups, workshops or classes conducted using an instrument approved by the Board/ Faculty Professional Standards Committee. The dean and the faculty member shall both receive a summary of all data from the prescribed student feedback instrument each term.

Student Feedback Instrument (SFI) Packages for credit courses will be administered after 75% of a course has been completed. SFI results will be available to instructors on the scheduled SFI Report release date providing final grades have been submitted.

Administration dates for irregular term SFI’s are administered after courses are 75% complete.

If you have any questions regarding these dates or the SFI administration process, please contact SFIFacilitator [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca () or 403.342.3343.


Fall 2018 Term 201920

Term Duration: September 5, 2018 - December 5, 2018
SFI Administration Dates: November 13, 2018 - December 5, 2018
SFI Reports released on December 21, 2018


Winter 2019 Term 201930

Term Duration: January 3, 2019 - April 17, 2019
SFI Administration Dates: March 26, 2019 - April 17, 2019
SFI Reports released on May 6, 2019


Spring 2019 Term 201940 

Term Duration: May 6, 2019 – June 20, 2019

SFI Administration Dates: June 11, 2019 – June 20, 2019

SFI Reports released on July 5, 2019