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Red Deer College identifies impacts of Provincial budget

Date posted: 
Fri, 10/25/2019
Red Deer College

Further to the release of the 2019 Alberta Budget yesterday, Minister of Advanced Education, Demetrios Nicolaides convened the 26 Alberta post-secondary Board Chairs and Presidents to relay the impacts of the budget.

Given that this budget outlines the Government of Alberta’s fiscal path now through March 31, 2020, Red Deer College will have the following impacts at this time:

  • There will be a reduction this fiscal year (2019-2020) of 5% to the overall post-secondary system’s Campus Alberta Grant. Reductions to each institution vary, and the reduction to RDC’s grant will be 2.4%. This means a reduction of $1.2 million to RDC’s operational funding.
  • The Infrastructure Maintenance Program (IMP) will be suspended for one year, and restored in Budget 2020. The amount is approximately $2.1 million which impacts RDC’s ability to do facility upgrades and maintenance.
  • All other grants at RDC, such as the Post Secondary Mental Health, Students with Disabilities, and Health Workforce Action Plan, are generally maintained.
  • The Apprenticeship Technical Training Grant has remained relatively unchanged.

Looking to the future and the release of the 2020 Budget that will be delivered in the spring, the current tuition freeze has been lifted. Over the next three years, increases will be permitted to a maximum average of 7% per year. In year 4, further increases will be determined based on the Consumer Price Index. “We understand the planned tuition increases will affect our students as they budget for their education,” says RDC President, Dr. Peter Nunoda. “We are committed to working with our student leaders in the Students’ Association as we plan for the future.”

The Government of Alberta’s vision for the post-secondary system is that institutions will: rely less reliance on tax dollars, create other sources of revenue, be flexible to compete globally, have meaningful links with employers, foster greater transparency and accountability, and provide the most generous student assistance in the nation.

“Minister Nicolaides identified that he expects institutions to find efficiencies and seek new revenue sources, and I’m pleased that RDC has cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit that positions us well to achieve this vision,” Nunoda says. “Although this news is challenging for us, I firmly believe in our ability to work with all our stakeholders to successfully realize transformational change and continue on our journey to become a comprehensive regional teaching university.”

Red Deer College will continue to work with the Government in the coming weeks to identify impacts and opportunities as we plan for the future and best serve the College’s learners and communities.  

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