Red Deer College experiences technology threat

Date posted: 
Mon, 06/20/2016

RDC’s information technology processes and procedures provided appropriate mitigation to limit the impact of a technology threat experienced by Red Deer College late Friday, June 17. This technology threat was a form of ransomware attack, but due to the quick response of IT Services, the College did not experience a loss of data.

“Because of the quick work of the IT Services team, Red Deer College was able to mitigate the situation prior to reaching the point of having to engage with any external demands,” says Jim Brinkhurst, Vice President, College Services and Chief Financial Officer.

Within 15 minutes of the technology threat being received, RDC’s IT Services department alerted all employees of the threat, and all RDC technology access was shut down to help mitigate the technology threat from spreading. 

All affected files were moved by IT Services immediately into quarantine, so this allowed for the technology threat not to spread to other College data and files. The IT Services team also performed in-depth scans of all RDC servers and data files throughout the weekend, to ensure the technology threat had not spread.

As a result of this initial diligence, during the weekend IT Services was able to provide limited external access for employees and students to use RDC email, the website and Blackboard (a software used by instructors and students to share class resources).

Full technology access to software and hardware has been restarted, allowing RDC employees and students to resume normal business.

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Shelley Newman
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