Celebrating 30 years of connections through the Red Deer College Alumni Association

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Mon, 10/29/2018
Red Deer College

In 1988, a handful of graduates started the Red Deer College Alumni Association and now, 30 years later, the volunteer-led organization continues to support current students and connect thousands of alumni.

“All of us on the Alumni Board were once students at Red Deer College, so we have a great appreciation for RDC and for the positive impacts it’s had on our lives,” says Scott Hucal, Alumni Association Chair, who took the Business Administration program. “We have more than 70,000 alumni from RDC, and people have a great sense of pride in attending and a real sense of connection with this College, which was often the starting place for their careers.”

Membership in the RDC Alumni Association is automatic for students who have completed 30 credits, finished a trades program or completed a portion of it at RDC and degree program students who transferred to complete their program.

The Alumni Association has seen continued growth in active membership since it was first founded, and the ever-increasing group of alumni provides networking, partnerships and friendships that are rooted in the RDC experience. In addition to connecting and providing opportunities for past students, the non-profit organization also supports current College students.

“We strongly believe in supporting students, and we host a variety of fundraisers each year, with the proceeds going toward student scholarships,” Hucal says. In 2018, the Association hosted events such as the Fine Wine and Food Festival and the Perspectives: Canada in the World speaker series, featuring Dr. Tim Cook, with funds raised going towards student scholarships and bursaries.

While supporting student goals financially, relationship building is another important element for members of the Alumni Association. Through mentorship, fostering relationships with students and providing opportunities for reconnections, RDC alumni are the College’s greatest ambassadors, instilling a sense of pride and building community.

“As a College, we are very proud of our alumni and the contributions that they have made as leaders and innovators in communities near and far,” says Dr. Paulette Hanna, Vice President Academic. “It’s incredible to consider the number of people whose lives have been positively impacted by our alumni, and this will continue to grow exponentially in the future.”

To help alumni stay connected with RDC, the Alumni Association invites all past students to its Annual General Meeting at 5:30 p.m. (call to order) on November 28, 2018. 

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