Connecting the dots from student to teacher

Written by Brent Forster on April 4, 2018

Connecting the dots from student to teacher
Dr. Anomi Bearden’s journey at Red Deer College has come full circle. When she attended classes as a student at the College beginning in 2000, she envisioned returning one day in a different role. “When I was a student here, I realized that I wanted to instruct, and I visualized myself teaching in these classrooms,” says Anomi. “I felt connected to this place. It became a part of my purpose and...

Future Thinking

Written by Brent Forster on February 28, 2018

RDC Reasons: Future
When Chris Rolida moved to Canada from the Philippines in December 2013, he had plans to further his education with computers until he discovered that Red Deer College offered an exceptional program in an area that he was truly passionate about.“When I arrived in Canada, my plan was to upgrade my previous education and continue my career in Information Technology but I always had a dream to...

Advancement Through Opportunity

Written by Brent Forster on February 7, 2018

Amy's reason
For Amy Whalen, the Human Resources Management Graduate Certificate offered at Red Deer College was exactly what she was looking for in order to advance her career.“I looked at other institutions but the program at RDC is ideally suited for me,” says Amy. “This new certificate is what I wanted and what I needed to reach my goal.”Amy works full-time as a program assistant but the Newfoundland...

The Ins and Outs of RDC

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on September 8, 2017

College is one of the most rewarding experiences and it will help shape your future decisions. You’ll learn new things, make connections, expand your knowledge, and most likely eat a lot of macaroni and cheese. It’s also a time when you’ll be challenged, stressed, pushed to your limits, and you’ll pull a few all-nighters. But we want to make sure you have the best experiences while you’re here!...

A Gateway for Growth

Written by Shelley Newman on April 27, 2017

Jen Marquez had always enjoyed photography and, last year, she decided to take the leap and turn what had been her hobby into her new profession. “My husband and family had been encouraging me to pursue this,” she recalls. “Then, when the market went down, I thought it would be a good time for me to go back to school to be prepared for when things turned around.”And for the busy mother of three,...

For Her Family

Written by Shelley Newman on March 29, 2017

Rozalyn's Reason
“Family is the foundation for the individual,” says Rozalyn Vickery, as she considers the profound impact family has had on her personal and professional paths.  As the mother of two and a fourth-year Psychology student, Rozalyn’s interest in psychology began 17 years ago when she first came to RDC after high school. Then, after taking a break to start her own family, Rozalyn returned...

Social media and public relations thought leader offers insights to class via video link

Written by Erin Forbes on March 22, 2017

This year’s inaugural Media Studies and Professional Communication class were treated to some expert advice from public relations thought leader and social media expert Bob Pickard.“I love speaking with students,” said Pickard. “They had great questions.”Pickard, CEO of Signal Leadership Communication in Toronto and a 25-year public relations industry veteran, talked to Neil Levine’s MSPC 120...

Part of a Greater Community

Written by Shelley Newman on March 14, 2017

Laura Allard understands business. As a senior accountant with MNP in Red Deer, she’s part of the private enterprise team that works with a variety of clients from across central Alberta. Before she started working in a career that she loves, Laura began her business education at RDC, and her step-by-step approach allowed her to earn three different accreditations. “Through RDC and the...

The Key to a Successful Career

Written by Kyla Bolt on February 27, 2017

RDC Reasons Brandon
It’s his first year as an instructor here at Red Deer College and already he has made a strong impact.As a graduate of the Locksmith Apprenticeship Program at RDC and with 10 years of experience, Brandon Ostrass is beyond knowledgeable in the area. Now, he plays a key role in the program where he was once a student.Brandon became the Locksmith instructor in December 2015. He was also brought in...

Finding Balance

Written by Kyla Bolt on February 27, 2017

RDC Reasons Amanada
Having plateaued in her previous profession as a research technician, for which she had to commute an hour each way, Amanda Farrant came to Red Deer College to find a more fulfilling career. “I reached the peak of my potential there, and I was ready to make a change,” she says.In 2013, she enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program and returned to college to pursue her new profession. At the end...