Show your support for #irespect this weekend

#irespect awareness campaign

Written by Adam Turlejski, Kings Volleyball

This coming weekend (February 17 & 18) will see an #irespect awareness campaign at the college in the main gymnasium. The cause itself came about from the local Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre (CASASC) and is an effort to help society realize how important the concept of respect is. Kings and Queens Volleyball and Basketball games this weekend will have a number of opportunities for individuals to voice their beliefs and support. There will be the opportunity to donate to the CASASC as well as an opportunity to sign a large “I Respect” poster, to allow people to take on the notion of respect in their own way.

A big part of creating awareness will be a Snapchat geo-filter that individuals can use on location and personalize to send a message to their friends and family about their values. I had the intent to try and reach out to as many people as possible and particularly have college students recognize the importance of respect.

The opportunity for the project came about due to a business leadership class that I am currently enrolled in, and it requires individuals to take on a leadership project that intends to test and enhance one's leadership skills. Upon finding out about the local #irespect campaign, I decided to take advantage of the situation and really attempt to do something that is a little bigger than myself. The fact that it seemed like a daunting task and was a way I could do something beneficial for a good cause drew me to the project and ultimately helped me make the decision to take it on.

As mentioned earlier, the cause was implemented by the CASASC and therefore has a focal point of increasing the respect for women in society to prevent the many injustices that still occur today. The notion of respect, being a feeling of deep admiration for someone, is the foundation that needs to be present for a more equal and better functioning society. It coincides very well with CASASC mission statement which is a commitment to ending the culture of sexual violence and helping to build safer communities. The awareness campaign intends to help women and of course those in society who need it most. I believe it is such a valuable idea due to its versatility and the fact that is aimed at prevention.

So I invite all to come down to enjoy a night of college sport while being able to contribute to society, inspire friends on social media and give a little of themselves for a worthy cause.

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