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RDC Reasons Brandon

It’s his first year as an instructor here at Red Deer College and already he has made a strong impact.

As a graduate of the Locksmith Apprenticeship Program at RDC and with 10 years of experience, Brandon Ostrass is beyond knowledgeable in the area. Now, he plays a key role in the program where he was once a student.

Brandon became the Locksmith instructor in December 2015. He was also brought in to assist in the redesign of the program, condensing it from four years to three, as well as changing the framework of the online distance option, making it more student-focused. “This was definitely an intense project, with some long days, but Red Deer College was supportive from the very beginning,” he says.

As the only Locksmith Apprentice Instructor in all of Canada, Brandon strives to make a difference with his students and the Locksmith Apprenticeship program every day. “Every student learns differently, so you have to be able to adapt for all of those different learning experiences,” he says. “Connecting with my students and helping them learn this trade is so rewarding. This position with Red Deer College is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


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