Future Thinking

When Chris Rolida moved to Canada from the Philippines in December 2013, he had plans to further his education with computers until he discovered that Red Deer College offered an exceptional program in an area that he was truly passionate about.

“When I arrived in Canada, my plan was to upgrade my previous education and continue my career in Information Technology but I always had a dream to become a robotics engineer,” says Chris. “After I had a tour of the College, I saw the advanced fabrication equipment for the Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) Diploma. RDC is one of the institutions in the province that has the latest equipment and I knew that it would help me in my future career. The next day, I called Red Deer College and inquired about the program.”

The Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma at RDC is a two-year program that provides students with the necessary skills in math, science, computer programming, technical writing and project management. Students at the College expand their knowledge in power distribution, maintenance and troubleshooting, PLC programming, Electric Machines, Industrial Data Networks and Data Acquisition Systems.

“I liked the program because it allowed me to learn different aspects of technology and how the process of manufacturing technology and instrumentation works,” he says. “I was able to gain valuable hands-on experience while operating industrial grade equipment.”

Along with the outstanding resources, Chris appreciated the quality of teaching. “When I was in the program I really enjoyed it. The instructors made me feel like they are more of a mentor rather than an instructor,” he says. “They challenged us but those demanding tasks turned into stepping stones for our future careers.”

Chris graduated in 2017 from the RDC program and quickly gained employment in his field. “My goal was to become a successful Electrical Engineering Technologist in the oil field and I am now working at Kings Energy Services,” he says. “After learning about what RDC had to offer, I knew this was it,” he says. “This is my future.”

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