Finding Balance

RDC Reasons Amanada

Having plateaued in her previous profession as a research technician, for which she had to commute an hour each way, Amanda Farrant came to Red Deer College to find a more fulfilling career. “I reached the peak of my potential there, and I was ready to make a change,” she says.

In 2013, she enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program and returned to college to pursue her new profession. At the end of her coursework, Amanda says “the school set me up with a practicum at a local pharmacy and, a few months later, I was offered a full-time position there.” After graduation, she was settled in as a registered technician, making more than she had in a position she spent nearly five years in, and enjoying a much better work-home life balance.

“RDC allowed me to get a fulfilling career in a short amount of time,” she says. “My spouse is happy, I’m closer to home, and I’m noticeably happier myself.” 

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