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Everything you need to know for Convocation

Can you believe it? Convocation is this week! All of the assignments, group projects, exams, all-nighters, and study groups have been leading up to this one moment. Cue your excitement! 
To help make sure you have the best day ever, here's all of the logistics that you need to know as a graduate crossing the stage this year.
1. There are two ceremonies - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Before you read anything else on this page, make sure you know what ceremony you're attending. We would hate for you to spend years working towards this one moment, only for you to attend the wrong ceremony. We're also pretty certain that your parents wouldn't be too stoked on that, either. 
The morning ceremony includes:
- School of Arts and Sciences
- School of Creative Arts
- Donald School of Business
- School of Continuing Education
- School of Trades and Technologies 
The afternoon ceremony includes:
- School of Education
- School of Health Sciences
2. When should you arrive? The morning ceremony starts at 9:30 am. That means that students must arrive by 8:15 am so you can pick up your cap and gown. We'll start announcements and lining students up at 8:45 am. 
The afternoon ceremony starts at 2:00 pm. Students must arrive by 12:45 pm, so we can start announcements and lining students up at 1:15 pm
3. Where am I going? For the first time ever, we're holding Convocation at the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre on RDC’s main campus. You'll be the first RDC students to attend a Convocation there! When you arrive, our volunteers will greet you at the door and help direct you to the gowning area. 
4. Parking is free. Score!
5. What should I wear? Every graduate will receive a cap, gown and hood on Friday, June 7 (there's no advanced gown pick-up - sorry!). Keep it classy and dress for the occasion. Tip: Remember, you'll be wearing a gown for most of the day, so don't wear anything too hot. 
6. Arrange a meeting spot ahead of time with friends and family. Since the gowning area is only for graduates, it's best if you pick a spot to meet after your ceremony so you can hug and celebrate with your loved ones. 
7. Have personal items you're bringing in? Ask your family or friends to hold onto them. 
8. All graduates on stage will get their photos taken for free. We'll have a professional photography company that will capture you in all your glory! You'll be able to download the image by June 14, 2019. You'll receive a Convocation program with all of these details. 
9. Best tip of all? Enjoy your day. You've worked so hard for it!  
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How long does the ceremony generally last for ?

Hi Kala - we anticipate that each ceremony will last about 2.5 hours.

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