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How to study at home and write a final exam at home

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on April 8, 2020

There's a lot of unusual circumstances that each of us are navigating through right now. For students, we know the idea of writing your final exam at your house isn't ideal. Even though we weren't expecting this, we want to make sure that you feel prepared and ready to tackle your exams so you can successfully finish off your semester! So, scroll down, and you'll find helpful tips...

We’re in this together: 27 encouraging messages for students

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on March 31, 2020

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It's no secret that this time of the semester is usually stressful and challenging for students. The end of the semester is nearing, classes will soon finish, and you'll be starting to study for final exams. However, things are currently different. Yes, you still need to complete the semester and write your final exams, but now you're faced with navigating through this unprecedented...

Final exam advice from 19 instructors

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on December 4, 2019

Let's face it, the time leading up to the moment you're writing your final exam can be stressful, and you may even feel pressure while you're writing it. To help lessen the moments of feeling stuck or flustered, we've reached out to some of our instructors for their best piece of advice when it comes to final exams.  Stephen Brown, Instructor, School of Arts and Sciences...

9 helpful resources for final exams

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on November 26, 2019

The end of the term can only mean one thing: final exams. But not to worry! There are a lot of resources on campus that you can access as a student to help during final exams.  The Library Information Common, located on the main campus in Room 1006, has some fantastic resources available for students. Check them out:Study rooms are located in the Library, Donald School of...

Top 12 on-campus study spots

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on November 6, 2019

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As a college student, a decent amount of your time is spent working on homework, projects, and studying. Because of that, you'll want to find what methods work best for you. Do you prefer studying by yourself or with others? Does food and water help fuel you? Maybe listening to music motivates you? Another aspect you'll want to consider is where you're studying. For some students...

6 reasons why you won't want to miss Open House

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on October 25, 2019

Choosing to start something new in life usually leaves you feeling excited and a little nervous, but that probably means you're doing something that will challenge you and provide you with the opportunity for growth. Choosing to attend college is no different.  If you're curious about attending college or have questions, you won't want to miss our upcoming Open House....

5 benefits of going to college later in life

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on October 15, 2019

Sometimes people can assume that if you're not a 20-something-year-old, you can't go to college. We're here to tell you that it is false. There are a lot of benefits of going to college later in life. Here are a few of them:More time allows for finding your genuine passions in life. For some, they know the exact path they want to pursue. For others, it may take more time, and...

9 helpful tips when applying to Red Deer College

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on September 27, 2019

If you're reading this, chances are you've decided to take that next step to attend college, and that deserves a happy dance! Since this might be new to you, we thought it would be helpful to provide you with the top nine tips to make applying easier. But before we jump into it, make sure you've checked out and give this page a read-over. It shares essential...

The truth about going to college as an adult

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on September 23, 2019

You've already got commitments, financial responsibilities and a busy schedule. Add in the idea of going to college, and it can seem overwhelming. But we're here to tell you the truth: it's not as tough as you think. Knowing that your life is busy, we made sure to offer programs that allow for flexibility and not frustration. You can choose from certificate programs, part-time...

6 reasons not to skip out on New Student Orientation

Written by Jasmyn Solberg on August 26, 2019

Hey there, are you new here? Don't worry, so are a lot of the other students walking around campus.  If you're new to Red Deer College and aren't quite sure of how it all works, we're here to help. We created an event called New Student Orientation that we've designed specifically for our first-year students.  New Student Orientation will allow you to:Meet and connect with students. You...