Campus Land Use Master Plan

The College's Land Use Master Plan facilitates the sustainable long-term development of the Red Deer campus. The Plan provides the framework and guiding principles within which the College can make decisions on how to best use its land base to meet future needs. This plan updates key elements contained in the 1994 Master Plan.

View Land Use Master Plan [1.05mb PDF]

List of Drawings (PDF):


  1. Site Context  [261KB]
  2. Precinct Plan  [405KB]
  3. Demonstration Plan One [686KB]
  4. Demonstration Plan Two [681KB]
  5. Site Circulation Plan [526KB]
  6. Phasing Plan [194KB]  

Site Servicing Plans  

  1. Precinct 1: Campus Core [297KB]
  2. Precinct 2: North East Area [212KB]
  3. Precinct 3: Northwest Area [190KB]
  4. Precinct 4: West Area [151KB]
  5. Precinct 5/6: Bower Lands, Natural Area, South Area [204KB]