Evolve - Central Alberta's groundbreaking educational partnership.

Evolve is a collaborative construction initiative involving Red Deer College and some of central Alberta's leading businesses in the residential construction industry. e1 - Single Family Home was the first project in the initiative. The construction project provided students with a hands-on experience and an opportunity to work side-by-side with skilled professionals.


e1 is an eco-friendly single family home built to comfortably withstand the climate of central Alberta. It was the first project in the Evolve initiative.

The project focused on three overarching learning objectives for Red Deer College students; demonstrating high-quality work and best practices, building a highly effective building envelope, and completing a long-lasting, durable construction.

Led by Avalon Central Alberta, Landmark Group of Builders Ltd. and Red Deer College, e1 has been made possible with the help of local sponsors, supporters and donors.

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The Construction

Keeping with the cutting edge theme to the project, Landmark Group of Builders Ltd. introduced students to an advanced panelization method. Panelized walls, pre-installed with windows and spray foam insulation, were delivered onsite to Red Deer College, where they were assembled. The floors and roof were constructed in sections on site.

Students participated in several aspects of the construction, from prepping the site for setup at Red Deer College, to assisting with the floors, stairs and deck landings.

Initially assembled on Red Deer College campus, this innovative single family home was taken apart piece-by-piece on August 27, 2013. It was moved to Sylvan Lake the next day, where it underwent re-assembly in a beautiful lakeside neighborhood.

The Home

The environment was top of mind when this home was designed. The energy-efficient home uses solar panels to produce much of the energy it uses, and highly efficient windows are strategically sized and placed to utilize as much natural light as possible. 

As lead contractor, Avalon Central Alberta sold the home to its new owners in Sylvan Lake and coordinated the building process.

The e1 construction is durable and eco-friendly. It maximizes comfort, minimizes costs, and meets the needs of the central Alberta market.

Some features of e1:

  • Spray foam insulation to maximize building envelope effectiveness
  • High-efficiency and high output furnace
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • On-demand hot water system
  • Photo Voltaic System generates electricity through solar energy
  • Remote-controlled smart system operates home controls
  • Alarm system

The Benefits

Competing industry leaders, along with generous sponsors and donors, came together to provide Red Deer College trades students with an invaluable first-hand learning experience. The students had the opportunity to develop their skills and participate in a cutting-edge construction project.

Students experienced the latest in home-construction technologies and building practices throughout the project. They worked closely with knowledgeable professionals and participated in a forward-thinking project that will give them skills and education that will be applicable well into the future.

Thanks to the support of the partners, home owners, sponsors and donors, the collaboration will also result in scholarships that will further support RDC trades students; the next generation of central Alberta's home builders.