Founder, The Ball is Round, brings new meaning to travel

It was the thought of them playing with garbage bags for the rest of their life, when he could do something about it that completely changed him.

Out of a love for soccer and travelling a charity was born with its eyes set on changing play for children all over the world. Nick Moskaluk (Bachelor of Education, 2008) was a part of the Kings Soccer team during his three years and a love for the sport was instilled deep within. It was in 2011 on a trip to Morocco with his girlfriend when that love for soccer found a new purpose.

“My girlfriend and I were in the old square in Marrakesh, and there were these two little boys playing soccer with homemade soccer balls. And we watched for two hours, and they couldn’t have been happier with these contraptions. So we decided to find them a ball, and call it a night,” shares Nick.

They were certain that some shop within that area would have something the kids could play with, other than trash.  When the tourists, as they were, finally found a rubber ball, and the children’s parents, the look on the family’s faces when presented with a brand new ball was priceless.

“It’s hard to describe. It changed me. He (the father) ended up giving me a great deal on these leather slippers that I still have to this day. So from then on, whenever we travelled, we made it our mission to bring soccer balls.”

A trip to Myanmar last summer provided another opportunity for Nick and his girlfriend to ‘bring play’ to another village.

“Kids just love soccer. It doesn’t need a language. You put a ball at kids’ feet and they know what to do with it. When we got back, we thought ‘why not make this something more; that we connect with people who are travelling?’ I think people forget how much social good play does for a community.  One ball can be played with by 30-40 kids at a time. You’re not just giving it to a kid, you’re giving it to a village.”

And with that, The Ball is Round officially started in summer 2013. Now, their mission is to connect with sports teams, youth groups, and any travellers who are willing to take a deflated soccer ball in their bag to brighten the life of a child in another country. So far, they have provided 50 balls in 16 countries.

By day Nick is a Physical Education teacher in Calgary, AB, and by night he runs this charity. And he finds it addictive and is confident anyone else who tries it will as well. 

“There’s something super impactful about it. When you connect with people and their children you come at them at such a deeper level than a simple thank you.”

Some of the ways you can help support The Ball is Round are:

*follow them on Facebook or Twitter @TBR_Society
*if you’ve got travel plans, contact them and plan to pack a soccer ball in your bag ($10 will get you a deflated ball and pump)
*get your sports teams, youth groups, friends, children, etc on board and help raise funds through customized merchandise.

100% of all proceeds raised goes to getting soccer balls to kids around the world.

The Kings and Queens soccer teams supported The Ball is Round throughout the 2013/2014 season by ordering custom t-shirts in which the RDC logo was on one side, and The Ball is Round was on the back. Coaches David Colley (Queens), Steve Fullerton (Kings), Doug Holloway, and PJ Swales have been supportive from day one, for which Nick is extremely grateful.

“When people hear of the idea, they want to get involved!”

You can learn more about this charity by visiting 

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