The Boom Chucka Boys will make you shake your boogie woogie

by Lani Ledingham

They call themselves The Boom Chucka Boys - a four-man band that sounds like a whole lot of country, with a splash of rock 'n roll; sprinkle in some gospel and a little bit of soul. With a debut album produced by legendary Byron Hill in Nashville, TN, they’ve no doubt got an exciting journey of success ahead of them. Bass guitarist and back-up vocalist, Teddy Roy Michaylow (Visual Arts, 1993) enjoyed two years studying fine arts at RDC, though he spent most of his time in the music wing.

"The first real job I had I only took because I wanted to buy a guitar," says Teddy.

Teddy went on to the University of Calgary and completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a major in painting. His love for music was never far off.

"I taught myself to play the instrument (upright bass) three years ago by watching YouTube videos. Ever since I was young I wanted to play an upright."

Through friendship connections at church and work, the band was formed just four years ago. With a style of music that Johnny Cash would've likened as 'boomchucka music', the band started out playing locally on any stage that would book them. One night when performing at The Hideout in Red Deer, Gord Bamford walked in with some of his team. Joel (lead guitar and vocal) had given a demo CD to a member of Gord's team before that night. The rest is history as they call it.

"They had been listening to it in their tour bus and they wanted to check us out. Since that night we have signed a record deal with Gord's company, Cache Entertainment, with a distribution deal with Sony. Our first official album releases April 26, 2013. The first single will be release to radio on March 26, 2013."

As they say on their website, the CD is full of 'songs about love, heartbreak, and chasing dreams, it's guaranteed to get your toes tapping and as the boys in the band say, 'Make you shake your boogie woogie!'"

"We all still hold down full-time jobs, but thankfully all my band mates' employers are understanding. I am self-employed doing sculptured ceilings (, so I am able to juggle schedules and make both work. We get out inspiration song-wise from life experiences. I get my musical inspiration from all types of music, old and new. We are always trying our best to put on a great show as a whole; that inspires me to push myself as a showman and a musician. Our message is always a positive one. We end every night with the song 'What I've Got' - it's about doing the best you can with what you have no matter what circumstances you are faced with."

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