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We would like to welcome you to the Alumni community and encourage you to stay connected through the Red Deer College Alumni Association.

As a Red Deer College Alumni, the stories and experiences shared at RDC are with you for a lifetime and connect you to the community.

As Alumni, we encourage you to stay connected to RDC through our Alumni Benefits card that helps you stay connected to those partners in the community that are proud to offer our alumni discounted benefits. 

Alumni benefits and services are the perks alumni receive as members of the Red Deer College Alumni Association (RDCAA). The RDC Alumni Benefits Card is available for all RDC Alumni to get discounts and member benefits at participating local businesses.

As a business, we offer an opportunity to connect to RDC Alumni while exposing them to your business and helping to raise awareness and, hopefully, encourage business. Touch base with us to explore what possibilities exist for you and your business. 

We're constantly working on expanding our partners who offer benefits and services so check back often.

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Why do graduates choose TD Insurance?

As the leading provider of group home and auto insurance, we know how important it is to save wherever you can. As a graduate of Red Deer College Alumni Association, you can benefit from special privileges, such as preferred group rates, enhanced coverage and flexible limits.

We believe in making insurance easy to understand so you can choose your coverage with confidence.

For more details, visit or call (toll-free) 1-866-258-3036.

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