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RDC main campus aerial viewAt RDC, we are in the final stretch awaiting an announcement by the Ministry of Advanced Education of outcomes of the Alberta 2030 Post-secondary System Review. As with all post-secondary institutions in our province, our future direction at RDC will be aligned with the goals and objectives outlined in the Government’s System Review.  

At RDC, we remain steadfast and clear of what our future goals are, ensuring that we champion and encapsulate the needs of our students, businesses, and surrounding communities. These goals include: 

  • expanding our breadth of programs and credentials by offering our own degrees, while continuing to offer our current mix of programming (including trades, certificates, diplomas, applied degrees and programs in collaboration with partner post-secondary institutions)  
  • growing our programs, providing more students with practical learning opportunities to remain in their home communities in central Alberta to complete their studies, creating successful careers and lives after graduation (simply put, reducing ‘brain drain’ in our region) 
  • focusing on applied and work-integrated learning opportunities and applied research to ensure that we provide solutions to real-world problems. We will continue to create meaningful opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate with industry partners to contribute to the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of our region 
  • ensuring that education remains accessible for students locally as a priority, and increasing participation from international students, as planned 
  • demonstrating good stewardship through ensuring sustainable funding and a strong operating model as articulated by our Board Ends 

We do not anticipate any barriers for our ability to offer degrees and the breadth of other credentials we currently offer, as well as to achieve our other goals, to best serve our students and communities in the future.      

RDC enjoys a close working relationship with the Ministry of Advanced Education. We trust the process the Government has established in guiding the future for our province’s post-secondary sector. We have established a mutual understanding that while work continues in our institution behind-the-scenes on program development, including degrees, and other matters relating to our institution's future, we are awaiting the outcomes identified in the Alberta 2030 Post-secondary System Review to further establish our future direction.   

RDC anticipated a transition time of three to five years and with this System Review we are still within that timeframe.   

RDC looks forward to collaborating with the Ministry of Advanced Education and all post-secondary partners to implement the final recommendations from the Alberta 2030 post-secondary system review.  

Our community is always important to us. We’re grateful for the passion and strong commitment we receive from our community members as we work collaboratively to build a strong foundation for our future as an institution.  

Our future is bright! We are proud of our role in central Alberta. We have great confidence that as we meet the opportunities that are presented to us in the future, we will be well positioned - and stronger than ever before - to serve our students and contribute to the strength and vibrancy of our region through our diverse programming, applied research, and entrepreneurial spirit.  

In partnership with Government, as we have in the past, we will continue to share updates about our future with our students, employees and community members as we have more details.

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