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Occupational Health and Safety

Yes you can get training and obtain a kit through either RDC Counselling Services or the Health, Safety and Wellness Centre.

Yes the use of smoking products including vaping is allowed in designated areas only. Please see the Smoking Tobacco Use Policy for more information, Designated Smoking Areas on campus.


While cannabis has been legal in Canada since October 17, 2018, Red Deer College is cannabis free across our campuses, including all Residence units. Consumption and ingestion of cannabis in all forms (including edibles, drinkables, topical, etc.) is prohibited on RDC’s campuses. Additional details are available in the Cannabis on Campus Policy.

RDC provides a procedure document to regulate and control animals on the Red Deer College property. Please refer to the Animals on Campus Procedure for more information.

Alcohol consumption is permitted in licensed areas of the College and College residences when in use as a dwelling. Alcohol at College Events and Facilities Policy

Yes Red Deer College promotes a culturally rich environment where Indigenous culture, history, and wisdom are integrated into your post-secondary learning experience. Please contact Indigenous Student Services.

It is okay to feel surprised and taken aback. Listen to your co-worker / student in a non-defensive way. Listen to the problems / impact that the fragrance is producing on their health. Discuss openly about the scented product and ask questions. Is it the amount? Is it the type? Be willing to reach a compromise and resolve the situation in a cooperative manner.

Talk to your supervisor about your concerns. Explain to your supervisor what you have tried to do in an attempt to resolve the issue. You may also wish to contact the Health, Safety  & Wellness Centre to discuss the matter and obtain additional information.

Your supervisor should ask you questions about how exactly the scented product affects you. Be as specific as you can regarding the symptoms, (e.g. headache, runny eyes / runny nose, etc.). Explain what you are doing to relieve the symptoms, what works and what does not and when do the symptoms clear up.

Your supervisor should make notes about what you have said and about your concerns. An Incident Report may be submitted to the Health, Safety & Wellness Centre if the problem persists. Upon receipt of the Incident Report, you will be contacted by a member of the Occupational Health & Safety Committee to obtained additional information and provide some suggestions in managing the problem.

Your supervisor should then discuss your concerns in a non-confrontational / non-threatening manner with the person(s) involved, and explain the health concerns that have arisen regarding wearing or using the scented product in the area. Your supervisor should suggest that the scented product not be worn or used in the area because of the negative effects that are occurring on the health of others.

The Department Manager or Director will respond to each situation individually, based on the specific circumstances involved. The Department, through the supervisor of the area should endeavour to resolve the issue in a way that is respectful of the feelings and dignity of all people concerned. However, the Department's response will be guided by its responsibility to provide employees and students with a safe work / study environment, which does not compromise their health or well-being of any person. Unfortunately, there is no specific regulatory requirement (e.g. WCB Regulation) governing this topic, however, where necessary your supervisor may direct that a scented product not be worn or used in the area.

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