Flexible Learning

Welcome to Flexible Learning at RDC! 

We specialize in alternative course delivery. If you are not able to attend classes on campus but would still like to pursue a College credential, Flexible Learning may be the solution for you.

Our learning options include:

  • online classes
  • blended classes
  • distance classes

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Flexible Learning Programs

The following programs are offered 100% through flexible learning:
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Administrative Professional Certificate 

Tuition and fees: $4,952.25 |  Books & materials: $1,400.00
Time to Completion:  1 year minimum; no set end date
Delivery Method: Online

Develop entry-level office skills in:

  • computer applications
  • keyboarding
  • accounting and
  • office systems

as well interpersonal and written communication practices for the workplace. See program details.

This program transfers to all Office Administration Diploma Programs in Colleges in Alberta.

Adult and Higher Education Instructor Post-Diploma Certificate 

Tuition and fees: $$6,378.75 |  Books & materials: $800.00
Time to Completion:  1 year minimum; no set end date
Delivery Method: Online

This certificate is a 12-month program designed to prepare educators for teaching in an adult education, workplace or post-secondary environment. Through courses and a capstone project, this advanced certificate allows students to develop their skills and knowledge-base to create successful and engaging learning experiences for adults.. See program details.

Business Administration Diploma

Tuition & fees: $4,056.00 | Books & materials: $1,050.00
Time to completion: Minimum 2.5 years; no set end date
Delivery Method: Online, part-time Note: This program cannot be fully completed online

The Business Administration program prepares you for a wide range of careers in different business and public sector organizations.

This program provides a broad background in accounting, finance, human resource management, information technology, marketing, economics, statistics, management, law, and policy. See program details.

Early Learning & Child Care - Certificate

Tuition and fees: $4,435.75 | Books: $975.00
Time to Completion: 1 - 2.5 years minimum; no set end date
Delivery Method: Online

Well-trained Early Learning and Child Care  (ELCC) professionals are essential to the provision of  quality care and education for children from birth through eight years of age. Students in the ELCC program will gain knowledge and develop competencies in areas such as child development, interpersonal relations, curriculum content, family studies, exceptional children, and program management. See certificate program details.

Equivalent to Level 2 certification

Early Learning & Child Care - Diploma

Tuition and fees: $4,309.50 | Books and Materials: $1200.00
Time to Completion: 2 years minimum; no set end date
Delivery Method: Blended, semestered

The Early Learning and Child Care Program trains professionals to work with children from birth to eight years, with some related preparation for working with children from eight to twelve years of age. Throughout the program, there is an emphasis on developing caring relationships with children and families.

Focus is placed on the integration of theory and practice. This is accomplished by an extended practicum in a variety of early learning and care program environments.

Prerequisite includes: successful completion of Early Learning and Child Care Certificate. See Diploma Program Details.

Equivalent to Level 3 certification

Educational Assistant Certificate

Tuition & fees: $ 4,816.50 | Books & materials: $800.00
Time to completion: 1 year minimum; no set end date
Delivery Method: Online, semestered

Educational Assistant Certificate graduates assist teachers in both instructional and non-instructional tasks. Gain interpersonal and practical skills as well as the capacity to work with students with special needs. This program is completely online with instructor-led classes during varying evenings every other week. See program details.

This is a Collaborative program between Red Deer College, Medicine Hat College, and Keyano College. See the Education Assistant Collaboration page for information on practicums and course equivalencies.

eLearning Instructor Post-Diploma Certificate

Tuition & fees: $6,378.75  | Books & materials: $500.00
Time to completion: 1 year 
Delivery Method: Online, semestered

The eLearning Instructor, Post Diploma is designed to prepare educators for teaching in an online environment. Through the courses and Capstone Project in this advanced certificate, students will develop their skills and knowledge-base to create successful and engaging online learning environments. See program details.


Tuition and fees: $979.00 per year | Books & Materials: additional
Time to Completion: 1 year per level
Delivery Method: Online, Self-paced

Take your job to the next level! As a Locksmith, you'll install, adjust, and repair locks, as well as make keys and change lock combinations for various security systems. See program details.

Management Certificate

Tuition and fees: $3802.50  | Books & Materials: $900.00
Time to Completion: 1 year minimum; no set end date
Delivery Method: Online, semestered

The Management Certificate provides basic business skills leading to management positions within an organization. The certificate also provides opportunities to further advance your studies at RDC in the field of business, as courses from the Management Certificate can be applied to the two-year Business Administration Diploma. See certificate program details.

Parts Technician (Year 2)

Tuition & fees: $979.00 | Books & Materials: additional
Time to Completion: 10 months
Delivery Method: Online, Self-paced

2nd period of Parts Technician technical training is now available online!  Unlike traditional training, where the apprentice comes to Red Deer College campus for 8 weeks, the online program has flexible completion dates.  You can work at your own pace, as long as you complete the entire period between September and June. See Year 2 details.

Practical Nurse

Year One Tuition & Fees: $5,365.75 | Books & Materials: $2,371
Year Two Tuition & Fees: $4933.75 | Books & Materials: $2,280
Time to Completion: 2 years
Delivery Method: Blended, Full-time 

This program is delivered in a blended format in Rocky Mountain House and Stettler/Drumheller through partnership with Campus Alberta Central.

For information on program offerings in rural central Alberta communities go to: 

  • Stetter Learning Centre | 5221 46 St | Stettler, AB | Phone: 403.742.6700
  • Rocky Learning Centre | 4934 50 St | Rocky Mountain House, AB | 403.845.4544
  • Drumheller Community Learning Society | 250 Centre St | Drumheller, AB | 403.823.8300

Applications for the program in Rocky Mountain House and Stettler/Drumheller will open on October 1, 2018 for the 2019/2020 academic year.

This full-time program delivered in a blended format over two years, prepares graduates to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) following graduation and successful completion of the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam. As a LPN, the graduate will provide nursing care in a variety of health care settings, such as hospitals, the community and other health care agencies. See program details.


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