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Administrative Professional - Certificate

An Administrative Professional is the cornerstone of the modern office. This person is adept at utilizing current computer software and technology and has learned how to be a life-long learner!

The Administrative Professional Certificate Program provides students with the software training to be competitive in a continuously changing field. In addition to well-defined keyboarding skills, you will gain basic bookkeeping knowledge, oral and written communication knowledge, training in office procedures and you will have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through a personal leadership course. A practicum placement in an office setting provides you with an opportunity to combine your newly developed skills and knowledge with on-the-job-training. You will be qualified for entry-level office positions.

Graduates of the Administrative Professional Certificate will:

  1. Compose and accurately produce and proofread business documents using appropriate software and equipment within specified timelines.
  2. Identify and practice current professional business procedures and standards.
  3. Integrate computer, computation, and communication skills to accomplish office tasks.
  4. Demonstrate professional interpersonal skills, human relations skills.
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking in making decisions and completing tasks and projects.