Social Work

As a "social worker," you will have the ability to improve the quality of life for others through offering resources, services and opportunities. Additionally, you will be prepared to create social change through your work and professional activities.

For the official Academic Calendar information, please view the Social Work Diploma link here.  

Education Routes:

  1. Diploma in Social Work, RDC - In this two year Diploma program, students will develop the broad range of skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for a Social Work position and apply these in a practicum setting.
  2. Bachelor of Social Work - After successful completion of a Social Work diploma, students may transfer to a number of universities throughout Alberta and across Canada. In Red Deer graduates with a diploma can go on to either the BSW Learning Circles or BA Collaborative offered by the University of Calgary at RDC; you can live, learn and work right here in central Alberta. 

Careers for Social Work Graduates:
Graduates can pursue careers that deal directly and indirectly with child neglect, foster care, juvenile offenders, family conflict and individual emotional problems.  
Graduates of the program may expect to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities. For more career options, click here.

Social Work Practice:
Social work practice is broad-based or what is often called "generalist" practice.  Social workers are employed by both government and non-governmental agencies. Non-governmental agencies include not-for profit and private agencies. Upon completion of the Social Work Diploma Program, graduates are eligible to apply for registration with the Alberta College of Social Workers.