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We offer diverse programs that lead students to successful and rewarding careers and to opportunities for further education.

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Message from the Dean Torben Andersen, Dean

In the School of Arts and Sciences, we are proud to offer you an academically challenging yet highly supportive and engaging learning environment. 

Our School provides a broad range of programs spanning diplomas, university transfer, collaborative degrees, and open studies. The breadth and flexibility of these programs enable you to tailor your learning pathways to meet your academic needs and career goals.

Some programs are more intensively specialized than others, but all programs expose students to a variety of subjects, or academic disciplines. We currently offer courses in 25 subject areas, all of which will widen your view and deepen your understanding of the world around you, be that the natural world or the world of human behaviour and interaction.

I encourage you to choose courses, class projects, and extra-curricular activities that will fuel your personal passion and foster your curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Students who seize these opportunities typically do well in their studies, but invariably also develop valuable skills in research methods, statistical and textual analysis, written and spoken communication, and digital information literacy, to name just a few.

School of Arts and Sciences faculty and staff strive to enable rich learning for students by blending the traditional and the innovative in terms of subject matter, teaching methods, classroom activities, and experiential and community-based learning opportunities.

On the strength of these qualities of our programs, and our 50-year record of excellence, students completing programs in the School of Arts and Sciences successfully progress to excellence in universities, and in a vast array of careers including: law, medicine, social work, human services, engineering, research, business, government, and media.

Personal connections are at the heart of why our students report such positive learning experiences. Our class sizes are small enough that you will get to know other students and have will engage directly with highly qualified faculty members who are experts in their fields but place top priority on the success of their students. I invite you to review our programs listed below, and to review profiles of the faculty who will be your teachers.

In the School of Arts and Sciences we measure our success not by who students are when they arrive, but by what they have learned – and how they have grown – by the time they leave.

- Dr. Torben Andersen, Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences

Arts and Sciences News & Events

Biology Student and Faculty Analyze 'Unbearable' Sound

 This autumn, Biological Sciences student Brett Morgan collaborated with instructors Dr. Sally Stuart and Sandra MacDougall to better understand the ways in which bears communicate emotion through specific sounds. For his Biology 399 Independent Study project, Brett studied a unique form of bear vocalization known as “humming:” a sound that...

The Philosopher's Café: Are We Doing Enough For Mental Health?

On January 18, join Psychology Professor Dr. Jamie Prowse Turner as she leads The Philosopher's Café in a discussion on mental health. Focusing specifically on the post-secondary environment, participants will discuss mental health issues and initiatives in colleges and universities, and debate whether we are doing enough to help students...