Open Studies

A Strategic Option to Reach Your Goals

Open Studies is a unique, flexible and customizable program that allows students to take courses that help them work toward their career goals. Students in Open Studies may choose to take courses on a full-time or part-time basis.

Each year, a diverse and growing number of people enroll in Open Studies. While some may know their ultimate career goals, others may still be exploring their career paths. Open Studies offers students the:

  • Possibility to take up to a full year of transferable courses that will count toward various degree and diploma programs
  • Freedom to work towards their programs while upgrading to meet additional requirements
  • Ability to take a variety of courses to help find an area of interest and the right program for their goals
  • Independence to create a schedule that will best suit each individual’s academic needs and lifestyle

Additional details on Open Studies are available in the Academic Calendar.

Work Toward Your Program of Choice

Open Studies is very useful as it allows students to upgrade to meet requirements they may be missing, while still taking courses that will count towards their ultimate goal. For example:

  • Interested in Bachelor of Arts Psychology but still need your Math 30-1? You can upgrade your Math to the 30-1 level at RDC while still taking the majority of your first-year university transfer coursework.
  • Did not get into Bachelor of Science Nursing? Open Studies offers prospective Bachelor of Science Nursing students the opportunity to take a full year’s worth of coursework that will count towards the program, as well as help boost your GPA to gain admission. 

If you have a specific School of Arts and Sciences program in mind, contact Arts and Sciences Advising to learn more about how Open Studies might benefit you.

For students interested in the Bachelor of Science Nursing or other Health Sciences programs, please contact the School of Health Sciences

Know Your Career Options

Whether you have a future career in mind or you are still researching your options, Red Deer College has a wealth of resources available through Career and Employment Services. Learn about the types of careers you could have with a specific degree or diploma, with over 50 different options listed for your information. Plus, there are Career Counselors on campus to help provide support as you seek out your ideal career.


Arts and Sciences News & Events

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 Dr. Jones Kwaku Adjei recently co-authored three peer-reviewed journal articles on an variety of subjects; published by Ethnicity and Health, "Revisiting the Healthy Immigrant Effect with Diabetes Risk in Canada: Why Race/Ethnicity Matters" investigates health disparities between immigrant minorities and native-born Canadians, and highlights...