Student Innovation Challenge

2018 Annual Student Innovation Challenge

Welcome to the homepage of the Annual Student Innovation Challenge (formerly known as the Design Competition)!

The purpose of this challenge is to foster interdisciplinary relationships amongst RDC students and to showcase the resources of RDC’s Makerspace and its Centre for Innovation and Manufacturing.

Students who participate in this challenge benefit by:

  • Developing team building and leadership skills
  • Working with peers (within and/or outside of their discipline or program)
  • Practicing public speaking and communication skills
  • Working with CAD (computer assisted drafting) software and prototyping equipment
  • Networking with potential employers
  • Improving their resumes with extra–curricular activities that are attractive to future summer job placements and employers
  • Learning about interdisciplinary nature of product innovation (science, building, marketing, etc.)
  • Winning prize money (approximately $2000, in total, is awarded as prize money at the year–end presentations)

This year, we are having three different themes for the challenge: Assisted Living Technologies, “Make it Green”, or “Up-cycling”.

The challenge enables students to work with their peers to design (and possibly create) a prototype that can solve a real-world problem.  Students will have a variety of resources to help with this:

Students should not spend more than 1 – 2 hours per week (approximately 30 hours total) on this project.

Projects will be judged based on the criteria within the official rules document (see link below).  The best projects will be those for which a small, inexpensive prototype can be built in addition to the design.  However, an innovative and implementable design (without a prototype) with a diverse group can still win this competition.

View the official rules. If you have any questions, please email Kristy [dot] Erickson2 [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (Dr.Kristy Erickson).