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“I chose RDC because I was able to complete my degree in psychology here in Central Alberta and participate in research.” - Rayna Becker.

The study of human and animal behaviour and mental processes. Why people do the things they do is an age-old question. However, psychology — the science concerned with human and animal behaviour and mental processes — is relatively young. Psychology is a science and a profession. As scientists, we are concerned with the careful and systematic observation of behaviour and the collection, analysis, and interpretation of empirical data. As professionals, we are dedicated to improving the lives and preserving the dignity of humanity.

Psychologists are innovators, evolving new approaches from established knowledge to meet changing needs of people and societies. Psychology is a broad discipline, spanning subject matter from biology to sociology.

Psychology has a bright future. Opportunities for work in psychology are growing. The move toward preventing illness, as well as diagnosing and treating it, requires people to learn how to make healthy behaviour a routine part of living. Many social problems today are behavioural: drug addiction, poor personal relationships, and violence. Psychologists contribute solutions to problems through collection and analysis of data and development of intervention strategies.

Psychology majors learn the highly employable skills of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, and gain experience with statistics and experimental design. Psychology graduates possess research and writing skills, and are good problem-solvers. Critical thinking skills, at the core of psychology, are an essential tool for employability. Psychology graduates find jobs in administrative support, advertising, public relations, social services, government and civil service, business, sales, health, law enforcement and corrections, management, real estate and computer programming.

The study of psychology is also good preparation for many other professions. With further graduate work, studies in psychology lead some students to careers as chartered psychologists: professionals who work in clinical settings with clients who have emotional problems or mental illness. Others choose careers such as research psychologists in child development, social psychology, cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, forensic (criminal) psychology, industrial organizational psychology, personality, perception, and many other areas including communications and speech pathology. A degree in psychology is also a good pre-law degree and a solid base for many other fields.

The psychology major at RDC provides a strong foundation for two-year university transfer to a degree program at any major university. As well, you may complete your bachelor’s degree in psychology through the UofC/RDC collaborative degree program, taking all of their courses on the RDC campus.

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“Red Deer College feels more personable. You get to know your professors and smaller classes let you contribute and be heard.” - Brandon DeJong

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