Unit Clerk

*Over 90% of students are satisfied with the program! **Average hourly wage is $27.64/hr

You will:

  • Develop skills to efficiently operate in the management and coordinating positions in hospitals
  • Develop skills to facilitate the coordination of activity and information on a nursing unit
  • Be able to choose from some great career opportunities
  • Participate in a community project

We offer:

  • Health System software training in a combination of classroom and eLearning environments
  • 12 weeks in the classroom and 4 weeks preceptorship

Why we are great:

  • A great class atmosphere with great faculty

***Keyboarding speed of 20 wpm is required to enter the program. Prior learning may be recognized.

See our official Program information.


I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be enrolled in the Unit Clerk certification through Red Deer College. I was quite nervous like any other new student and found myself returning to post-secondary for my third time. I was intrigued with health care and finding a prospective career that I could attain in a short period of time. One day a co-worker had mentioned the unit clerk program to me and after researching it on RDC’s website, felt it was one of the most worthwhile programs at RDC. The class was smaller and allowed for an efficient learning atmosphere. Brenda, Raelene, and Deb are professional instructors and increase the potential for attaining a job after graduation. I had a pleasant time connecting with peers when I had questions and the online discussion board creates a 24/7 forum that any student can access with their questions or concerns. The course was compact and fast paced but Brenda, Raelene, and Deb all instilled a new sense of confidence in me. They truly connected to the class through their knowledge of professionalism and activity on a unit. Fast forward to the end of the term and I am already about to begin my practicum at Red Deer Regional Hospital. I think one would agree that a streamlined program with fantastic instructors makes all the difference. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to make a difference in their career.
Tanner, Unit Clerk Student
Winter 2017


“Before I started this program, I found myself asking the same question over and over again. What am I going to do with my life? After years of construction type jobs, I knew that career path was not for me. I was searching for a more meaningful career. Nothing really peaked my interest, until someone recommended the Unit Clerk Certificate Program at Red Deer College. 
Schooling was short, although extremely intense. I was eager to learn, but at times found the program to be quite challenging. In fact, I almost opted out. I approached Brenda and Raelene with my concerns. There are no words to express how kind and caring these wonderful women are!  Through their encouragement, I made a choice to buckle down and give this program my all. Helping people and making a difference in the medical field, is really what I want to do. If you set your mind, you really can achieve anything. I put all my effort into learning as much as I could in every class, completing homework, and studying hard. Along the way, I was never on my own. Brenda and Raelene were ALWAYS there to help and support me in any way they could. It did not matter if it was during or after school hours. I feel like Brenda and Raelene really make this program more than just schooling. With support from them, I successfully completed the program. 
After my preceptorship, I was hired at the Red Deer Regional Hospital within a month. Being a Unit Clerk is a truly satisfying career. I can leave every day knowing I make a difference in someone’s day!”
Ashley, Unit Clerk Student
Fall 2016


“In the winter term of 2016 I took the Unit Clerk Program and had the privilege to be taught by amazing instructors including Brenda and Raelene. At the beginning of the program it seemed scary and overwhelming but that soon changed for me. I feel I was able to learn so much, more than I thought was possible, in such a short period of time. Twelve weeks goes by faster than you think it would in the Unit Clerk Program! From learning everything about processing a Doctors order to learning how Meditech works to how a unit functions, Brenda and Raelene were always patiently there to help us understand and have us ask the same question 100 times. Brenda and Raelene quickly became two very approachable and helpful instructors. I will be forever grateful I decided to take the Unit Clerk Program and meet great friends and fantastic instructors who I believe will be in my life for a long time!”
Kendra Greer, Unit Clerk Student
Winter 2016


“I decided to take the Unit Clerk Program at Red Deer College to introduce myself to the Health Care industry. I never knew that I would be so successful and learn so much. I appreciated that I was more than enough prepared in a short amount of time to work on a hospital unit. The classes provided me with hands on experience with physician’s orders and computer programs such as Meditech. The teachers were always willing to help their students be successful. Overall I would recommend this program to a person who is willing to work hard, and work in a professional setting.” 
Sarah Pedersen, Unit Clerk Student
Winter 2016


“My name is Deannah Joiner and I took the Unit Clerk Certificate Program at Red Deer College in January of 2016. I came from Chilliwack, BC to take this program. It was my first time being away from home for that long of a period of time. I gave up a lot to be a part of this program. My original accommodations didn’t work out as planned so I had to scramble last minute to find somewhere to live. My car broke down only weeks before but luckily I was able to use my dad’s truck. I had to give up my job and leave my family and friends. Most people would probably make the decision not to continue with taking the program especially coming from BC but I was fully determined to be a part of it. I packed up my things and moved to Red Deer Alberta. Not only was the schooling a new experience for me but living in a new town and getting to meet new people. In the end all the sacrifices I made were well worth it! Taking this program was the best decision I’ve made. The College is great and the teachers are amazing! The Unit Clerk course consists of six classes and a one month preceptorship. If you’re looking for a short course with very helpful and caring teachers with an outcome of a long career this is the course for you! My overall experience has been nothing short of amazing. There was a lot to take in and learn in such a short period of time but Brenda and Raelene’s teaching styles I found to be very helpful. They take the time to explain everything in detail and answer any and all questions. The course was well thought out and very organized as I felt very prepared from what I was taught before going into my preceptorship. I highly recommend taking the Unit Clerk course to anyone who likes keeping organized, multitasking, and potentially working in a fast paced environment. I would like to thank everyone including the teachers and classmates who contributed to my experience in the Unit Clerk Certificate Program as it is one I’ll never forget. I look forward to what the future holds for me as a Unit Clerk.” 
Deannah Joiner, Unit Clerk Student
Winter 2016


“The Unit Clerk Program through Red Deer College was a solid, and rewarding investment. The instructors clearly have a vested interest in our success and have gone above and beyond in their efforts to create, and maintain a program that is effective, and up to date. I felt a sense of encouragement in my studies knowing that my instructors were working just as hard to help us along, and constantly receptive to feedback. This program was a lot of information to learn in a short amount of time, and it takes high quality instructors to be able to portray that much information to their students effectively. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about getting into a unit clerk position as I feel it has prepared me for a lasting career in any nursing unit.” 
Gregg Alexander, Unit Clerk Student
Winter 2016