Administrative Professional

*100% of students are satisfied with the program **Average hourly wage is $23.72

You will:

  • Develop technical skills that are top notch
  • Have the ability to create a professional career portfolio
  • Develop knowledge of interpersonal and written communication for the workplace
  • Learn technical skills on the most current hardware and software
  • Take a Personal Leaderships course and facilitate a one day conference...a great experience

We offer:

  • 95% overall employment rate
  • 120 hours of work experience...provides another amazing experience
  • Two, 13-week semesters
  • Learn in class or on line

Why we are great:

  • This program has passionate faculty who know the value of this position in any organization
  • The Administrative Professional Certificate transfers to all Office Administration Diploma Programs in colleges in Alberta

No prior knowledge of computers is necessary. Prior work experience and learning may be recognized; Grant funding may be available.

See our official Program information.

Work Search Strategies Sheet. Click here for information.

If you are interested in the Administrative Professional program but want to know more, join us as a student for a day.

Career Opportunities: 

  • Receptionist - Salary Range: $34,250 - $41,750
  • Administrative Assistant - Salary Range: $39,750 - $52,000
  • Office Assistant - Salary Range: $40,250 - $49,000 
  • Data-Entry Specialist - Salary Range: $31,500 - $38,000
  • Entry-Level Administrative Assistant - Salary Range: $36,000 - $44,500
  • Project Assistant - Salary Range: $43,500 - $58,000

Salary ranges from 2017 Administrative Salary Guide,

A typical day for today's administrative assistant can include:

  • Developing a production report using spreadsheet software
  • Preparing charts, slides and handouts for a management presentation
  • Communicating globally via telephone, fax, or e-mail with clients
  • Using the Internet to research a topic or schedule airline flights
  • Developing and editing web pages
  • Supervising or training a coworker