Administrative Professional

*100% of students are satisfied with the program **Average hourly wage is $23.72

You will:

  • Develop technical skills that are top notch
  • Have the ability to create a professional career portfolio
  • Develop knowledge of interpersonal and written communication for the workplace
  • Learn technical skills on the most current hardware and software
  • Take a Personal Leaderships course and facilitate a one day conference...a great experience

We offer:

  • 95% overall employment rate
  • 120 hours of work experience...provides another amazing experience
  • Two, 13-week semesters
  • Learn in class or on line

Why we are great:

  • This program has passionate faculty who know the value of this position in any organization
  • The Administrative Professional Certificate transfers to all Office Administration Diploma Programs in colleges in Alberta

No prior knowledge of computers is necessary. Prior work experience and learning may be recognized; Grant funding may be available.

See our official Program information.

Work Search Strategies Sheet - What can you do with an Administrative Professional Certificate? Click here for information.

If you are interested in the Administrative Professional program but want to know more, join us as a student for a day.

Career Opportunities: 

  • Receptionist - Salary Range: $29,268 - $46,574
  • Administrative Assistant - Salary Range: $32,067 - $51,154
  • Office Assistant - Salary Range: $40,250 - $49,000 
  • Data-Entry Specialist - Salary Range: $28,504 - $42,247
  • Entry-Level Administrative Assistant - Salary Range: $30,794 - $46,574
  • Project Assistant - Salary Range: $41,738 - $61,080

Starting salary ranges from 2018 Administrative Salary Guide,

A typical day for today's administrative assistant can include:

  • Developing a production report using spreadsheet software
  • Preparing charts, slides and handouts for a management presentation
  • Communicating globally via telephone, fax, or e-mail with clients
  • Using the Internet to research a topic or schedule airline flights
  • Developing and editing web pages
  • Supervising or training a coworker