FAQs - Campus Recreation

RDC students, staff, faculty and alumni with a valid iCard are invited to participate in all Campus Recreation activities.

Drop by the Campus Recreation office Monday through Thursday between 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. or Fridays 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., here you can get more information and pick up a registration form. You will need to have the names and ID numbers of all of the people on your team. This form should also indicate a captain who can be reached by phone in case of changes etc. All team members will have to sign the team sheet. Registrations will NOT be accepted without payment. You can also find our registration forms online.

Get your team in early … don't miss out!

YES! just fill out a registration form and pay the individual fee assigned to the event. For team sports, we will form one or more teams of all the individuals registered.

If you can find the front doors to the college across from the Main Information desk, you can find us. We are located at The Living Room (Room 1009).

At the time of registration.

Fees vary from event to event. If you are registering a team, the captain will come to the Campus Rec Office with the total registration fee (we will not collect it individually). All fees are to be at the cashiers.

Some sports will take individuals after the registration deadline. You will be placed on alternates list unless there are teams missing players

For some events i.e. ice-hockey there will be a standard for equipment(you supply or rent) i.e. helmet, skates, gloves etc. we supply the equipment to play the sport i.e. pucks, Frisbees, volleyballs etc.

Yes. iCards must be presented at every game to the Campus Rec Staff member

All schedules are available at the Campus Recreation Office. These should be available 24 hours (at the latest) before the start of the event.

Defaults occur if a team fails to appear and be ready to play within ten minutes of the scheduled start time. Defaults will be considered a loss in all tournament and league play.

Your first call is to the Campus Rec office at 403.343.4067.