FAQs - Disability Resources

Yes. There are a total of 12 accessible housing units. These units are attached to the Tower Residence complex designed primarily for students with mobility impairments and accessibility needs. This facility enables the student to go directly to class without having to go outside. For additional information, please contact the Residence office at 403.342.3257. 

Accommodations and resources are determined on an individual basis and designed to provide students with equal access to the educational process by reducing barriers.

Accommodations can include: 

  • Exam accommodations (e.g., extra time, quiet or alone space) 
  • Note-taking services 
  • Sign language interpreters or CART
  • Alternate format texts 
  • Assistive technology 
  • Memory aids 
  • Physical modifications to a classroom 
  • Reduced course load 

Accommodations are NOT meant to: 

  • Lower the College’s or the instructor’s academic standards 
  • Alter essential competencies of a course or program
  • Give a student with a disability an advantage over other students 
Resources are available to any RDC students who provide documentation of a disability. Examples of 
disabilities include: 
  • ADHD 
  • Chronic medical illnesses 
  • Deafness or hard of hearing 
  • Brain injuries 
  • Learning disabilities 
  • Physical disabilities 
  • Speech and language disabilities 
  • Mental health disabilities 
  • Blindness or low vision 
  • Temporary disabilities due to accident or illness 
If you choose to register with Disability Resources and access supports, your instructors will receive a Letter of Introduction from Disability Resources informing them of your accommodation (e.g., extra time on exams, notetaking). The letter will not release the nature or details of your disability. Disability Resources can release information only with your expressed written consent. 
Please note: 
You are not required to disclose your disability to Disability Resources at Red Deer College. This is required only if you are requesting supports through the Disability Resources office while attending college. 

In order to be eligible to receive support resources, you are required to provide current medical or psycho-educational assessment documentation, preferably three months in advance of your program start date.  Please see our website for documentation requirements.

No. Students with disabilities must meet the same admissions requirements as other students.

If you are required to take a placement or admissions test, you may use accommodations if you provide appropriate documentation.