Resources for Students with Disabilities

We are committed to providing an accessible learning environment to all our students.  Appropriate academic accommodations are determined on an individual basis, after  you have provided the necessary documents to Disability Resources.  We can also help you get the necessary documents.

Examples of classroom accommodations and services

  • Use of adaptive devices (e.g. FM systems)
  • Use of sign language interpreters or CART
  • Recording pen
  • Special seating and preferential seating location
  • Breaks during class-time
  • Use of assistive technology in the classroom and labs

Examples of assistive technology

  • Screen reading software (JAWS; Kurzweil; TextHelp)
  • Screen magnification software with speech (Zoom Text)
  • FM transmitter/receiver system
  • Digital recorders
  • Electronic spell checkers

Examples of exam accommodations

  • Extended time for exams
  • Distraction-reduced environments
  • Breaks during exam (e.g., washroom, nutrition)
  • Use of adaptive technology or software (e.g. spell checkers, calculators, computers, JAWS, ZoomText, Kurzweil, TextHelp)

Disability Resources
Library Information Common | RDC
t:   403.357.3629 | e:   disabilityservices [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca