Review & Process Student Aid Correspondence

After submitting your Alberta Student Aid full-time student loan application, you can log in to your Students Finance System (SFS) account to view the following:

Student Award Letter (SAL)

Your SAL provides details including your funding decision, breakdown of the type(s) of funding you will be receiving (ie. loan vs grant) and when these funds are to be disbursed.

Master Student Financial Assistance Agreements (MSFAAs)

These forms are your agreements with the federal and provincial governments.  You will have an Alberta MSFAA as well as a Canada MSFAA.  MSFAAs must be completed for first time applicants, or if you have had previous funding and return to school after a break of 2+ years.  Regardless of the type of funding you are receiving (provincial and/or federal), you must submit both MSFAAs.  Your funding will not be released until both MSFAAs have been processed and received by your lenders.

To print your MSFAAs, log in to your SFS account and select Inquire.  Your MSFAAs will be listed at the bottom of the Inquire page.  You must print both your Alberta and Canada MSFAA.

MSFAAs must be processed at a designated Canada Post outlet - click here for a list of locations.  The following items must be brought with you to the post office:

  • MSFAAs (both federal and provincial)
  • Government issued photo ID
  • SIN card (or Service Canada issued proof of SIN)
  • Banking information

Consent Forms

Married or common law students who apply for their student loan using the online application will receive a spousal consent form for their spouse/partner to sign.  This form can be obtained and printed from the Inquire page (within the correspondence section) of your SFS account.  This form must be completed and returned to Alberta Student Aid via mail or eDoc upload (accessed via your SFS account).



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