Leisure Reading Collection

It’s no surprise that the Library loves books, but did you know that reading can have a positive impact on your health, happiness, and academic success? Research shows that readers are likely to have higher incomes, donate more to charity in both time and money, stay healthier, and are happier than non-readers. Plus, reading reduces stress up to 600% more than playing a video game, enhances empathy, and improves cognitive abilities. All of this has been scientifically proven: see the research from Canada’s National Reading Campaign here.
The Library wants all RDC students, staff, and faculty to enjoy these benefits, so we formed a Reading Culture team to help grow a movement of leisure reading at Red Deer College. Our goals are to gather books to read for pleasure, create a space where they can be enjoyed, and develop an institutional culture that supports and promotes reading for leisure.
Our new Leisure Reading Collection is located on Floor 2 near the elevators. We've already moved our paperbacks up there along with some comfortable seating. Some spiffy new shelves have been ordered for all the new books, and should be in place for fall 2016.
If you'd like to suggest a title to include in the Leisure Reading Collection, complete this form; your suggestions will help us create a collection that will get RDC reading!