Ergonomic Assessments

What is Ergonomics?
Ergonomics is the science that studies the relationships between people and equipment. The goal of ergonomics is to fit the job to the person, rather than making the person fit the job. To achieve this, ergonomics focuses on how the tools, equipment, layout, and overall organization of your work space affect you. Ergonomic changes enhance your ability to perform your daily tasks safely and effectively.

The priority is to enhance performance while reducing stress and the risk of injury. The Health, Safety  & Wellness Centre can provide you with information on ergonomics. If you spend any length of time at a computer screen, this will be of interest to you. The information is designed to help you understand the effect of computers on your physical well-being and to suggest some ways to counteract some stresses. Call Wanda Hillary at 403.342.3427 to set up an appointment.

Working in Neutral
How you move and use your body determines the health and comfort you feel while doing your job. The key to good body movement is working in neutral. Working in neutral means keeping your body in its natural alignment. The goal is to adjust your workstation to your body rather than attempt to adjust your body to the workstation.

Six  Tips to a Healthier Workplace

  1. Keep everything within easy reach
  2. Work at "elbow clearance" height
  3. Relieve pressure on joints: knees, elbows, & wrists
  4. Provide adjustability and change of posture
  5. Ensure a comfortable visual environment
  6. Improve work organization

Guide to Office Ergonomics: This booklet will assist in making your workstation work for you and a workstation checklist for proper ergonomic setup (page 25).

Sit to Stand Workstations
If you want to enquire about a sit to stand workstation for medical reasons you will need to book an ergonomic assessment with HSW ( see above). If its determined that you may require a sit to stand workstation a physician's letter stating it's needed for medical reasons needs to be sent or brought to HSW. At this point an email will be sent to you, your supervisor and Campus Management to get the sit to stand ordered and installed. Departments are responsible for the cost of these work stations.