Summer at RDC

2016 Summer at RDC was an exciting time for both adults and children! Watch for our 2017 catalogues coming soon! 

Day Camps

Overnight Camps

MusiCamp Alberta

Series Summer Arts School


Whatever your interest, we have a CAMP for that! We offer exceptional instructors, first-rate facilities and the chance to engage in new activities while creating lasting friendships.



Adventures in Summer Music

 | Ages 9 - 14

This unforgettable summer band experience includes beginner to intermediate levels in woodwind, brass or percussion instruments.


Junior Chefs on Campus

 | Ages 9 - 12

Take the mystery out of cooking and gain confidence as you learn to cook in a safe environment that encourages discovery.


Science Camps

 | Ages 6 - 15

Join us for an exciting week of scientific discovery! Spark your interest with hands-on activities in our specially designed science labs.


Sport Camps

 | Ages 6 - 18

Our top RDC Athletics coaches are committed to teaching basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton and more in a fun, creative way.


Summer Ballet Intensive

 | Ages 7 - 11 & 11+

Share your passion for dance and develop technique and artistry under the direction of professional dance teachers.


Trades Camps

 | Ages 10 - 16

Have fun exploring the world of trades and technology with our experienced, passionate instructors and first-class facilities.




Animation Camp - NEW

 | Ages 13 - 18

Tell stories through the principles of animation using Maya, the industry standard for 3D computer animation, effects and modeling.



 | Ages 13 - 18 

This summer theatre school for teens explores the exciting world of theatre and stagecraft.


MusiCamp Alberta

 | Ages 10+

Become a lifetime music lover with this provincial overnight summer music program, focused on performance and preparation.



 | Ages 13 - 17

This overnight visual arts workshop is a chance for teens to work with some of Alberta's finest artists and educators.


Teen Film Camps

 | Ages 13 - 18

Learn how to make movies and work on a real film set with this exciting overnight film camp for teens.


Video Game Design

 | Ages 13 - 18

Level up at RDC and create your own playable video game with this unique overnight camp for teens.




Series Summer Arts School

 | Ages 18+

Join us for an experience that unites creative minds of all levels and takes you on a journey of inspiration and imagination.


2017 summer camps will be open for registration in December. Please contact the School of Continuing Education with any questions at 403.356.4900.