Residential Heating & Cooling Troubleshooter

The Residential Heating and Cooling Troubleshooting (RHCT ) group of courses provide students with the basic electrical principles necessary to understand modern control systems for residential furnaces and air conditioners.  Students take knowledge and skills from the RHCT course and develop focused trouble shooting methods and procedures in the Residential Heating Troubleshooting and Residential Cooling Troubleshooting courses. Once students complete the three troubleshooting courses they will have skills to locate trouble and make repairs to residential air conditioning and furnaces. 


Residential Electrical

Residential Cooling (Spring 2018)

Residential Heating (Fall 2017)


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RDC is proud to recognize Bruin's Plumbing and Heating Ltd. as the program's industry sponsor. 
We appreciate their support in helping develop this program with RDC.