Pre-employment Trades Program

 "Direct correlation between class and what I am doing in my job - hands on and practical"
 "I had zero experience. I enrolled in the program and got a job right out of school."

Pre-employment is a way to prepare yourself for future employment in the industry of your choice. The Pre-employment Trades programs in electrical, welding and carpentry will prepare you to enter the workforce and give you an advantage when competing for entry-level employment in the trades. You do not require experience or to be employed as an apprentice to be a part of these unique, specialized programs.


  • Receive first-year Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) technical training
  • Gain practical experience in the shop
  • Earn two industry tickets
  • Build a trades resume and learn how to sell your skills to a potential employer
  • Complete first-year AIT exam
  • Establish a network within your trade and community
  • RDC stamp of approval proves you have the appropriate skills, knowledge, and ability to succeed
  • Greater chance of obtaining a job in the industry

Program Format

  • Meet AIT entrance requirements
  • Complete application form
  • Course fees due one month prior to start date
  • Payment plan available (inquire with registration)
  • Attend either 34-week or 12-week program
  • Maintain Alberta Industry Training attendance of 360 hours/90% mandatory attendance requirement
  • CSA-approved personal protective equipment is required for the practical component of each trade


  • Government funding is available. Learn more.
  • A payment plan is available. Please inquire at the time of registration.
  • Red Deer College offers scholarships, awards, and bursaries for Pre-Employment students. See current opportunities.

Course Descriptions:

Pre-employment Carpentry *NEW*
(13-week format)

Carpenters perform the rough work in the construction phase of buildings, bridges, homes and more. These responsibilities include cutting, shaping, repairing, affixing and quality control. Traditionally, they work with natural wood; however, wood substitutes and steel are becoming more commonplace. Other tasks include reading drawings and following building codes. Accuracy, attention to detail, and safety are paramount to becoming a successful carpenter.

Pre-employment Electrician
(12-week format)

Electricians install, alter, repair and maintain electrical systems that provide heat, light power, signal or fire alarms for all types of buildings and structures. Electricians may be involved in construction or maintenance, or work in residential, commercial, institutional or industrial settings.

Pre-employment Welding
(12-week format)

Welders are needed in fabrication, construction, and maintenance repair industries. They join and severe metal components used in the manufacture and repair of thousands of critical applications in today's society. Welders use a variety of welding processes such as electric arc, or oxy-acetylene, or more sophisticated processes such as electron beam or lasers.


Registration requires an application to be submitted in person, by email to reg [dot] coned [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca or by fax to 403.357.3660. The $200 deposit must accompany the application.