Power Engineering Courses

In Alberta, power engineers are certified by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA). There are five levels of certification, advancing from Fifth Class up to First Class. Students should contact ABSA for the latest information about power engineering certification requirements. Visit www.absa.ca for complete details.

4th Class Power Engineering Theory Courses 

Fourth-class power engineers operate and maintain machinery and boilers that provide steam, power, heat, refrigeration and other utility services to industrial and commercial facilities. Part A and B Fourth Class Power Engineering Theory courses have been developed to meet the requirements of the Safety Codes Act and Power Engineers Regulation, and are a mandatory step to obtaining a Fourth Class Power Engineering Certificate.

Note: RDC is not equipped to offer courses on the practical or lab components required for the 4th Class Power Engineers Certificate of Competency. For complete certification details and recognized 4th Class Power Engineering Lab programs in Alberta, visit www.absa.ca.

Prerequisite: Completion of Grade 10 Math, English and Physics (or equivalent) recommended

Requirement: Non-programmable calculator

Textbook: You must order the current Fourth Class Power Engineering textbooks or e-books through Pan Global.

The new books provide access to the online study resources and exams that are required for this course. You are not able to gain online access with used books. Books are required for the first night of classes. The required textbook is for both Part A and B theory courses. Visit powerengineering.org to purchase your textbook.


This program qualifies for government funding. Enrol one or more employees in the training and pay only one-third of the cost with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant! Apply at least 30 days in advance.


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