Recreation Facility Management Certificate

Program Overview

AARFP Level 1 Courses:
• Arena Operator Level 1
• Building Maintenance Level 1
• Parks and Sports Field Operator Level 1
• Pool Operator Level 1

RDC Management Skills for Supervisors Certificate (courses are taken all at once):
• Foundations of Management
• Effective Communication
• Conflict Resolution
• Synergy of Teams

AARFP courses for 2017 are here.
RDC course listings for the 2017 - 2018 year are here.

Please note you can work through this Certificate’s requirements in the order that suits you.

Once you have completed your Management Skills for Supervisors courses, you will earn a Management Skills for Supervisors Certificate. 

When you have completed your AARFP classes and your Management Skills for Supervisors Certificate you complete a parchment application and submit it to RDC along with a $100 processing fee. This $100 fee covers the costs associated with checking on your classes with AARFP. 


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