Portrait Photography

Want to take expressive, creative pictures of happy people, fun people, old people, young people, family, kids, babies, teens, brides, classmates and more? Photographers of every skill level are welcome to join this in-depth, broad-based, approach to formal and informal portraiture. You will explore the need for underlying structure and cover such specialty techniques as high-key fashion portraits, dramatic low-key portraits, rim lighting, back lighting, close-ups and candids. Take expressive portraits of those most special to you and be assured of memories that reflect cherished moments.

This course can also be taken as part of the Digital Photography Certificate.

CRN 1692 PHTO Course 3010
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Title: Portrait Photography
Dates: May 01, 2017 - July 21, 2017
Tuition: $399.00
GST: $19.95
Total Cost: $418.95
* All fees are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise stated.