Vision and Revision

You’ve got a text (memoir, fiction or poetry) that is in rough draft or maybe ready to be written. You’ve got a vision of what it should look like. So now is the time to discuss ‘revision’ -- which means thinking about organization. Of course, you alone decide how your text will be built (think how a ballad is organized, or a fugue, or a piece of jazz), but it’s useful to look at examples of published work from your peers and predecessors. We’ll study ten designs chosen by poets and prose writers, by writers of fiction and memoir. You’ll have a chance to experiment with design in daily class writing and discussion. This is not plagiarism! – it’s the way of the artist: to imitate as well as to create. You’ll leave with a strong sense of how to bring together all the pieces of your work-in-progress!

Instructor: Eunice Scarfe

CRN 1853 ESER Course 6098
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Title: Vision and Revision
Dates: July 30, 2018 - August 03, 2018
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