On-Camera Acting Intensives - Level I

On-Camera Acting Intensives – Level I – Instructor Glen Gaston

Designed for both beginners and novices of the Pro Actors Lab acting system, this course identifies the practical building blocks needed to be a successful actor and provides you with the opportunity to apply and stabilize the techniques in a studio environment. Explore exercises designed to develop “authentic listening” skills while identifying and playing in “present tense”. Using material from theatre, film and television, this acting fundamentals course will give you the skills needed in how to get “present” “breakdown” a script, identify scene “icons”, focus on “objectives”, actions and “tactics “as well as how to develop a sense of personal connection with the camera and reveal the truth in the moment.

CRN 3499 EMUS Course 5008
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Title: On-Camera Acting Intensives - Level I
Dates: March 02, 2019 - April 06, 2019
Times: Saturday: 9:00 AM - 11:59 AM in Room 1306
Tuition: $235.00
GST: $11.75
Total Cost: $246.75
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