Pre-Chemistry Prep Seminar

This course is designed for students who are going to take Chemistry (Chem 211 or 203) at RDC. In a seminar format, the following high school chemistry topics will be reviewed: nomenclature, atomic structure, oxidation states, stoichiometry, simple algebra and dimensional analysis. This preparatory seminar covers topics that are covered in the first two to three weeks of Chem 211/203.

CRN 1772 EMAN Course 1248
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Title: Pre-Chemistry Prep Seminar
Dates: August 31, 2017 - September 01, 2017
Times: Thursday: 12:59 PM - 4:29 PM in Room 2503
Friday: 12:59 PM - 4:29 PM in Room 2503
Tuition: $59.00
GST: $2.95
Total Cost: $61.95
* All fees are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise stated.