B Pressure for Welders

Upgrade your Journeyperson ticket with "B" Pressure Certification
This 40-hour course will help you prepare for the exam and will include simulation of initial “B” pressure welding on a 6” SCH.80 pipe. To qualify to take a Grade B Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency examination, you must:
•Hold a Journeyman Certificate of Proficiency issued under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act, or
•Hold a Journeyman Welder’s Interprovincial Red Seal Certificate of Competency from another jurisdiction, or
•Hold an Alberta Journeyman Equivalency Document issued by Alberta Career Development and Employment
To pass a Grade B Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency examination, a candidate must pass the performance qualification test required by the Administrator and conducted by a Safety Codes Officer.
Please note that this course does not include ABSA’s initial “B” test fee.
This certification is in high demand so register early!
Prerequisite: None
Requirements: CSA approved leather steel-toed (over the ankle) boots and safety glasses, gauntlet style leather gloves, pen and notebook for the first day of class. A cotton smock or coveralls are recommended.

CRN 1871 EIWD Course 2041
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Title: B Pressure for Welders
Dates: May 09, 2017 - June 08, 2017
Times: Tuesday: 6:00 PM - 9:59 PM in Room
Thursday: 6:00 PM - 9:59 PM in Room
Tuition: $895.00
GST: $44.75
Total Cost: $939.75
* All fees are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise stated.