Productivity and Time Management Certificate

Maximizing productivity and the use of time is the primary way to increase profitability and organizational sucess for a growing number of people and their organizations. Successful businesses and work organizations are moving from counting hours sitting in a chair to outcomes and results.

Boost your productivity by managing your time better. Discover the Top Ten most effective time management techniques to increase your work outcomes without spending more time. Take home new 21st century techniques and strategies. Then find out about the exciting Productivity eTools that are available now, and utilize technology to boost your productivity. Finally, get the latest best information on documenting your own productivity, and managing the productivity of others.

Average time spent online: 48 hours.

This certificate includes the following three courses:
-21st Century Strategies for Productivity & Time Management
-Productivity eTools
-Managing Productivity

CRN 3102 EGCC Course 143
Title: Productivity and Time Management Certificate
Dates: September 04, 2018 - November 30, 2018
Tuition: $745.00
GST: $37.25
Total Cost: $782.25
* All fees are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise stated.