Word Expert

If you need to write a long report or thesis paper, standardize your company’s documents or create fillable forms, maximize your Word skills in this expert-level course. Learn how to quickly add cross-references and bookmarks into your reports. Save time and effort with templates and collect user data with forms. This course also teaches you to tailor Word to work the way you do by customizing commands and tools. Increase your productivity by automating your routine and let Word do the work for you.

Prerequisite: Word Advanced

CRN 1445 ECOM Course 3119
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Title: Word Expert
Dates: May 15, 2017
Times: Monday: 9:00 AM - 3:59 PM in Room 2912
Tuition: $199.00
GST: $9.95
Total Cost: $208.95
* All fees are in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise stated.