Virtual Tour

We have virtual tours available for any of the areas with white dots below. Just hover over 'Virtual Tours' in the navigation above and you will see a menu of options. Choose the tour you'd like to take and enjoy your view of our campus!

  • When you initially open a Red Deer College Virtual Tour, the tour will automatically rotate. You can override this feature and manually rotate the tour in the direction of your choosing by clicking and dragging the cursor across the tour image itself. In addition, the "+" and "-" buttons immediately below the tour allow you to zoom in and out of a tour, enabling you to see more detail.
  • The Red Deer College Virtual Tours each average 350k in size. With a fast internet connection (56.6k+, ISDN, T-1, etc.), downloading should be complete in a few seconds. However, with a slow internet connection (28.8k), downloading may take several minutes. As the tour loads, images will fill in over a gray grid on a black background in the plug-in space.

View pdf version of the RDC map.