Phone Directory for Marketing & Communications

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
#1) Marketing and Communications Marketing and Communications (403) 356-4953 Not avaliable
Kyla Bolt Communications Consultant - Creative Writer 403.342.3226 kyla.bolt [at]
Julie Corrigal Graphic Design Specialist (403) 342-3458 julie.corrigal [at]
Erin Forbes LOA
Brent Forster Communications Consultant (403) 342-3389 brent.forster [at]
Joyce Fox Director, Marketing and Communications (403) 342-3203 [at]
Kaelyn Gillard Online Marketing Communications Coordinator (403) 342-3162 kaelyn.smith [at]
Heidi Langridge Graphic Design Specialist (403) 342-3348 heidi.langridge [at]
Lisa Mackey LOA
Scott Malo Marketing Communications Consultant - Video (403) 356-4949 scott.malo [at]