Phone Directory for Business Administration, Management Certificate, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Dustin Quirk DSB Instructor (403) 343-4022 dustin.quirk [at]
Ebenezer Sackey DSB Instructor (403) 342-3220 ebenezer.sackey [at]
Ray Savage DSB Instructor (403) 342-3541 raymond.savage [at]
Leanne Templeton DSB Instructor (403) 314-2486 Ext 5 leanne.templeton [at]
Carolyn Trumper Course Developer N/A carolyn.trumper [at]
Tara Tulman DSB Instructor (403) 356-4962 tara.tulman [at]
Leanne Vig DSB Instructor (403) 357-3643 [at]
Dan Whiteside Instructor (403) 357-3642 dan.whiteside [at]
Kevin Willoughby DSB Instructor (403) 342-3359 kevin.willoughby [at]
Marlene Young Course Developer (403) 314-2458 ext 7 marlene.young1 [at]