Phone Directory for Business Administration, Management Certificate, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Adrienne Orr DSB Instructor (403) 342-3109 Adrienne.Orr [at]
Phil Pattison DSB Instructor (403) 342-3293 Philip.Pattison [at]
Dr. Stephanie Powers DSB Instructor (403) 342-3413 Stephanie.Powers [at]
Dr. Dotan Rousso DSB Instructor (403) 314-2458 ext 5 Dotan.Rousso [at]
Ebenezer Sackey DSB Instructor (403) 342-3220 Ebenezer.Sackey [at]
Ray Savage DSB Instructor (403) 342-3541 Raymond.Savage [at]
Jennifer Spendiff Program Assistant (403) 356-4850 jennifer.spendiff [at]
Gerry Terpstra DSB Instructor (403) 314-2458 Gerry.Terpstra [at]
Tara Tulman DSB Instructor (403) 356-4962 Tara.Tulman [at]
Leanne Vig DSB Instructor (403) 357-3643 Leanne.Vig [at]