Phone Directory for Business Administration, Management Certificate, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Robyn Hycha DSB Instructor 403.314.2486 ext 2 Robyn.Hycha [at]
Michelle Jamison DSB Instructor Michelle.Jamison [at]
Brian Jansen DSB Instructor 403.342.3312 Brian.Jansen [at]
Dr. Marc Jerry DSB Instructor 403.342.3357 Marc.Jerry [at]
Trevor Keeper DSB Instructor 403.314.2425 Trevor.Keeper [at]
Dr. Carlen Lavigne DSB Instructor 403.342.3544 Carlen.Lavigne [at]
Rita Louw DSB Instructor Rita.Louw [at]
Doug MacDormand DSB Instructor (403) 342-3274 doug.macdormand [at]
Bev McCrostie DSB Instructor 403.314.2486 ext 3 Bev.McCrostie [at]
Dr. Catherine McLaughlin DSB Instructor 403.343.4050 Catherine.McLaughlin [at]