Phone Directory for Business Administration, Management Certificate, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Naved Ahmad Instructor 403-342-3293 naved.ahmad [at]
Terry Cole Instructor (403) 356-4894 terry.cole [at]
Terry Collier Instructor 403-314-2458 terry.collier [at]
Kelly Coulter Instructor (403) 342-3391 kelly.coulter [at]
Jason Engel Instructor (403) 356-4856 jason.engel [at]
Dr. Naziha Fakhri Instructor 403-342-2458 naziha.fakhri [at]
Kora Ferguson Instructor 403-314-2458 kora.ferguson [at]
Kristopher Fleckenstein Instructor 403-314-2486 kris.fleckenstein [at]
Gerry Gannon Instructor 403-342-3358 gerry.gannon [at]
Lisa Henderson Instructor (403) 342-4084 lisa.henderson [at]